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If geeks are the new rock n roll, designers are the lyricists

A SportHack is any hack that can be used in a sporting environment, ideally as a tool or gadget

Hacks for bikes, boards or anything with wheels.


Hacks for running, climbing, swimming or anything human


Hacks for anything from tennis & golf to croquet.


Hacks for combinations of devices, wheels and accessories & anything else


The competition will start with local workshops after which hacks can be pitched on-line via this site. These will usually be ideas on paper rather than fully fledged hacks. Finalists will be selected in each category and will then build their hack to be demonstrated in a real environment at a live national final.

Hacking events have been taking place around the world for several years now and have concentrated on Social, Music, books or for specific companies or their APIs. At the same time product design has become ever more important as a means of differentiating products and services. This trend has been seen in particular with crowd funding sites such as KickStarter creating a pre-sale market that changes the entire production process for startups.

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